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Realtor & Real Estate Services

Real estate sold in Virginia require a wood destroying insect (WDI) inspection and a report by a trained technician stating the finding for the bank loan.The reason for this is that mortgage companies realize that termites and other wood destroying insects cause billions of dollars in damage to structures every year, and they do not want to issue a loan on a house that has serious damage as the property value may be compromised.

Brown exterminating offers inspections and reporting for wood destroying insects (termites, wood borers, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants and carpenter bees), as well as water and septic reporting. If you are a realtor in the area, call today for a WDI inspections for your properties today. Warranteed properties are inspected yearly to keep the warranty valid and can be passed on to new home owners.

Upon inspection with no evidence of termites or other wood destroying insect, we will provide a 30 day warranty of our findings.

Builder Services

Brown Exterminating Co., offers builder services for termites and wood destroying insects as to warrantee new construction against termites, wood borers, powderpost beetles in Rockingham county Virginia. There are the three ways to traditionally pre-treat new construction for termites and other wood destroying insects in order to acquire a warrantee or guarantee;

"Wet" Treatment

The industry's standard treatment for termites is to pre-treat the ground once the foundation is built to create a barrier. Due to heavy regulation, this treatment has become more expensive in recent years.

When pre-treating new construction for termites a builder should contact Brown Exterminating a day or so before pouring any slabs and footers. This is to save time and money drilling slabs in order to treat the area. When treating before the slab is poured all plumbing stubs should be in and the slab should be at final grade without poly or wire prior to treatment. On a conventional pre-treat, all ground under slabs must be treated. This includes any attached slabs such as driveways, carports, patios and porches. These areas are treated where they abut the structure. The final treatment is done around the exterior after all landscaping is done.

Borate Treatment

This type treatment involves applying a borate solution to the first 2 feet of all wooden members and the surrounding masonry of the structure. This treatment is done during the dry-in stage of construction. The house must be dry with roofing material on and before the house wrap is installed. It is best performed before any ruff in plumbing and wiring starts. This treatment can not be used if insulation has already begun or tubs/showers are set or any other thing that would inhibit the complete treatment of all wooden members within 2 foot of concrete foundation or supports.

Bait Installation and Monitoring

This type of treatment is by far the friendliest to the builder and has the smallest environmental footprint. There are no scheduling conflicts between your concrete trucks, sub-contractors and us. You basically build the house. Shortly before closing and after final landscaping is done. Call Brown Exterminating and we will come and inspect the home and install the appropriate number of termite bait stations around the exterior foundation. We will then return on a schedule to inspect these stations. If termite activity is found eating the bait we and replace the bait with Termidor bait and kill the termite colony before it reaches your home. Bait installation and monitoring programs continue bimonthly and are contracted for one year at a time.

Regardless of your choice of treatment, Brown Exterminating can provide your pre-treat needs and we provide renewable warranties to protect your investment. Call Brown today for a free estimate at 540-470-0175.

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