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We understand resident retention is a high priority, and your exterminator should only help you reach that goal by making sure unwanted pests are not invading your residences. Brown Exterminating take the time to get to know you, your staff and your residents and can create a plan specifically for the property you manage. Our services can include general pest to protect against most crawling insects to rodent control.

Other services provided:

Fly Control: Flies can be a health risk not to mention a nuisance in a residential environment such as apartments. Flies can spread bacteria including Staph., E. coli and Salmonella just by landing on a surface you or food come in contact with. Brown Exterminating can develop a plan specifically for your fly problem utilizing the flies habits and life cycle, making sure proper sanitation measures are being used to cut down on their food sources and environment and advanced treatments to help control fly infestations.

Low or No Odor Solutions: Pesticide odor are a turnoff to residence and potential residence. Brown offers low odor and odorless solutions to some pest control programs as to keep the residence odor free and pleasant.

Bed Bug Services: Bed bugs can be a serious issue in a multifamily housing environment as bed bugs can spread fairly quickly. Bed bugs can also go long periods, up to a year, with out feeding. So even apartments or housing that has been vacant for a very longtime can still be a problem as bed bugs can crawl into small crack, behind baseboards and under rugs and go dormant waiting for a new food supply to move in. Brown Exterminating can provide an thorough inspection and identification if you think bed bugs have infested your property and provide you with treatment options to find the perfect solution for your property.


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