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Termite Protection and Warrantee
Note: Termite inspections are Freetermite

Termites cause somewhere between 5 and 10 billion dollars in damage to structures annually. The Shenandoah valley, because the climate, is in a part of the country where termites are very active. An area which is considered to be a very high pressure area with a lot of termite activity in comparison to areas farther north. This is because we have a warm and temperate climate-we get substantial amounts of rain per year-and before anyone moved here in the early 1700s, this area was covered with forests and still is for the most part. For millions of years, termites thrived here because of these conditions and an abundance of wood from the native trees. Brown Exterminating offers free inspections and advanced treatments for termites in Rockingham county, Augusta county and Rockbridge county Virginia.

When you invest in termite protection for your home, you are investing in the protection of your biggest investment. Brown Exterminating in Harrisonburg has been inspecting, treating and guaranteeing termite damage since 1972 and is the pest control company you can trust to get the job done.

Every product used Brown Exterminating for termite removal has a label which is the EPA approved document that gives instructions for using the chemical to protect a structure from termites. It has instructions for treating methods, chemical mixing instructions, and the volume of chemical that is to be used to do an effective treatment. In Virginia, the label is the law, which means that when a pest company does a treatment, they have to follow these instructions to the letter when treating. To do less than what the label says is not only dishonest and deceitful, it is a violation of state law.

termiteBrown Exterminating uses chemicals containing neonicotinoids (The name literally means “new nicotine-like insecticides”) such as Termidor in a very controlled manner for termite protection. It is the only product on the market that has been 100 percent effective in all the USDA test sites and is safer to mammals and the environment than past traditional termite pesticides. Brown Exterminating uses the Termidor perimeter plus label, which does not require the drilling and injecting of brick veneer. Before Termidor was registered and brought to the market, the manufacturer treated over 5000 houses with termite infestations using the perimeter plus label instructions with 100 percent success. It is the best termite treatment to date.

How some exterminating companies save money on termite protection at your expense.

  • They drill the holes at 18 to 24 inches, even though the label say "drill holes no farther apart than 12 inches."

  • They do not dig a trench and inject the soil. They may just drill and inject the brick veneer. This is actually about 25 percent as much work as doing the job the way the manufacturer suggests for an effective treatment. They may just spray the outside, but this does not work because the termites live in and come from underneath the soil to attack your house. Chemical that is sprayed on the surface will not come into contact with the termites and will degrade in a couple of months if it is not protected from the elements by being incorporated in the soil.

  • They do not apply chemical at the label rate. There are companies that will reduce the volume of chemical that is needed to give a complete and uninterrupted treated zone around the house, as well as mix the chemical at a weaker rate than you are supposed to. Making the chemical mix weak will affect how long it will last.

  • Use of older, less effective, but less expensive chemistry. There are some products on the market which are much cheaper than Termidor, however they do not control termites 100% of the time. Some pyrethroid class chemicals with the active ingredients permethrin or cypermethrin actually fail to control termites as often as 25 percent of the time. Termidor is the only product that has been 100 percent effective, with no exceptions, however it is as much as 5 to 6 times more costly.

Brown Exterminating follows label directions exactly to insure that the protection is complete, effective and within the boundary of the law. We stand behind our work and our standard 1 year warranty for termite treatments. This is why we have been successful for over 40 years.

Protect Your Biggest Investment, Your Home

Call Brown Exterminating Harrisonburg for a free inspection of your home to make sure termites are not slowly eating away at your investment. A licensed pest management professional will thoroughly inspect your property at no charge. We also also inspection guarantees for peace of mind in case termites are a problem in your area. Brown Exterminating guarantees the work if termites are found and can provide yearly guarantees. You can not be to careful when protecting your home from termites, call Brown today.

Brown Exterminating Company uses Termidor, the world’s most effective termiticide. It offers 100% elimination of colonies in 90 days or less, up to 6 times faster than baiting systems. Termidor kills by ingestion, contact, and by termite to termite transfer whereby, affected insects spread the termiticide throughout the colony before dying themselves. Termidor is applied in a responsible, low-dose treatment, with no odor.

As a homeowner you should not attempt to treat your home for termites for these reasons:

  • Termite control requires training on how to find and treat termites effectively
  • Termites will damage your home significantly if left untreated or improperly treated
  • Professionals are trained and licensed to inspect, evaluate, and provide specific solutions
  • Professionals provide the best treatment available at industries highest standard
  • Often the area where the inspection is needed is not within easy access

Brown Exterminating believes in providing the best and most advanced in termite services and treatment. We value our customers and keep open communication with our customers about the process. If you have properties outside of our service area, our other Brown Exterminating Company Affiliates may be able to help. Please feel free to contact Dan White about pest control in the Harrisonburg, Rockingham county area.

If you are thinking of selling your home buyers need assurance that their biggest investment has no hidden problems. To aid in the sometimes complex home buying process Brown Exterminating Co. provides this assurance with our home inspection services. We will not only inspect and provide the findings about the property to the realtor, but will explain our findings, in person, to the home buyer if requested. Designed to work in the interest of the agent as to answer any questions a buyer may have and provide peace of mind.

Termite eating woodWorker Termite

Termites although small live in colonies that sometimes number in the hundreds of thousands. With this amount of termite activity it would not take long to do significant damage to your home or building.

Termites are known to eat the center out of wood pieces making them hard to detect until the damage is extensive enough to see or become a structural problem. Calling a professional will give you peace of mind that your biggest investment is safe from wood destroying insects such as termites. Having a professional inspection,and if termites are found, treatment, along with the guarantee can add years to your home without issue.

Brown Kills Termites

Brown exterminating offers free inspections for possible termite and wood destroying insect problems. We are a full service pest control company utilizing advanced techniques in termite treatment and extermination.

Brown exterminating Shenandoah Valley Division service area include Rockingham county, Augusta county and Rockbridge county Virginia. Pest control services include residential, commercial and industrial locations. We also offer services for inspection, treatment and warrantee for wood destroying insects and organisms to realtors and new construction treatments for builders and contractors. Call today to receive a free inspection of your house and property.

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